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How To Keep Web Designers Out of Your Inbox: 5 Simple Fixes

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By: Devin Santamaria

Let's do this quick and simple.

Here are the 5 details your company's site needs to keep more designers away - especially the quick/cheap ones.

  • Clean mobile design
  • Favorite Icon (Favicon)
  • Relevant, high-res photography
  • Clear, prominent calls-to-action
  • Unique page titles

Here's why →

Clean Moblie Design

The fact: over 60% of web traffic is mobile now. If you're a local business, it's higher. If you have an online store, its higher.

The majority of exploration is done via mobile devices now, and if your site isn't at least cleanly displaying on phone browsers, you are 1) leaving customers on the table and 2) actively driving them to your competition's websites. Your visitors use your site's design & functionality as a proxy for your competence as a business - whether that's a reasonable way of evaluating, or not.

Favorite Icon (favicon)

Much like mobile design, if you're lacking a favicon on your site, designers & agencies are going to assume 2 things - you don't know what you're lacking and need help, and or you built your website yourself.

It's a good marker for customers who bookmark/share your site (favicon, because it's in your favorites 😉) and lacking it looks less than professional.

Relevant, clear photography

One of the more prominent indicators that a website needs help is it's photography. Whether it's low resolution, or plain irrelevant (see women laughing eating salad). If you need think your website photos needs work, check out our article on how to improve your site photography.

Clear, Prominent CTAs

Some estimates show that over 75% of websites don't have a clear call to action at all! Adding a "learn more", "contact us", or "buy now" into your first view already puts you ahead of that 75%, and helps to inform your user of what the main purpose of your site is.

Unique Page Titles

Duplicate page titles is one of the impactful, yet simple to fix, issues that come up on an SEO audit - and are perfect points of entry for a designer/agency to reach out and offer help - which they can genuinely provide. That being said, you can probably fix this one yourself pretty quickly, and it will helpful for your SEO.


So there you have it - want to keep designers and agencies out of your DMs? Make sure you've got these handled.

  • Clean mobile design
  • Favorite Icon (Favicon)
  • Relevant, high-res photography
  • Clear, prominent calls-to-action
  • Unique page titles


Published: 3/22/2022

Last updated: 4/4/2022


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