How Simon's increased conversion 37% YOY


Simon’s Secret Sauce is a gourmet sauce brand created in 2020 by Simon Mashian, a Los Angeles restaurant professional with over a decade of experience in the industry, and a perpetual home chef.

Simon originally contacted webprism through a mutual contact in 2022 for some help with his product page layouts, which became a full site redesign in 2023.

Our goal was to simplify the merchandising on the site, bring more brand personality to product pages, and design a landing page for paid ads that focuses on a specific product - the 3-sauce sampler pack.

Their biggest challenge was product organization. There were many duplicate products active on the store in multiple collections. Outside of the homepage, the site lacked branded content, and was focused on the undifferentiated benefits.


We already had a good understanding of Simon’s brand through previous work, so engaging the redesign process was simple. We focused on the casual voice of the brand, while leaning into the “cheekiness” of how he interacts with his customers through social media and email messaging. We also wanted to put more focus on his sauce-specific recipes, as one of the top drivers of traffic.

We pushed straight through the design process into development, building out the new site in less than a week. Using the intention behind many of his original design elements, we elevated the homepage to focus on the emotional triggers behind the brand, gave visual credence to the coy nature of the copy, and focused on the great amount of social proof Simon had garnered. Refocusing on the three core products, the Original, Spicy & Truffle sauces, we built a new landing page for Simon’s ad traffic, providing a progressive hierarchy to the shopping experience - bundles first, build-your-own bundle second, ending with the sampler pack for those who weren’t ready for a full bottle.


The goal of the project was to simplify the shopping experience. We’re now working with Simon regularly on conversion optimization and increasing AOV. The two weeks following the relaunch, conversion was 37% higher than the same period the previous year.

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