Grow your email list. grow your revenue.

Use the strategy we've used with 6-figure e-commerce brands to add thousands of email subscribers in just a matter of weeks.

"Campaign ended and got 501 emails 🤯🤯🤯…$0.20 a lead!!!"

Jason, Founder of Autimars

email IS HOW

Want to grow your e-commerce business sustainably? Then you need a constant flow of new potential customers on your email list.

How tough is it?

Setting up our giveaway strategy is pretty simple - the course includes "over the shoulder" walkthroughs on setting everything up, and creative examples.

What do I need to Start?

All you need is a Facebook Business Manager account, an email marketing platform, and a few hours to put everything together.

Money-back guarantee

If you don't get a return using our strategy, we'll refund your purchase, or work with you until you do. We're that serious.

Course Roadmap


Strategy Overview


Crafting Your Offers


Assembling Your Emails


Setting up your ads


Post-signup strategy


This course leveled up my email list and marketing strategy. I had basics set up like a pop-up with discount for subscribing, and running a lead gen ad on Facebook that produced virtually nothing.

I had gotten 5 subscribers from my attempt. After going through this easy to follow guide, I ran a giveaway that produced 501 leads in 10 days! Only costing $0.20/lead!

Jason Stofield




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