7X Your Content Creation: How To Turn 1 Piece of Content Into 7

Apr 8, 2022

Why a blog is crucial to your content strategy

1. Writing gets ideas out better than anything else. Talking with others helps, but being alone with your thoughts and a pen takes the mind places that only a wandering pen can take you.

2. Writing long-form content for a blog is like the top part of the content creation funnel. If you're going to write about something, a little bit of “pre-work” goes a long way when you're ready to turn it into more condensed forms of media.

Once you've written your blog copy you’ve pretty much-written script for a video, can condense it into a shorter version for a Facebook/LinkedIn post, take the key points and turn them into slides for an Instagram carousel, take your key points and put them into a list for a single Instagram photo, and sum it up in 280 characters and share a link to your post in a tweet. You can also take the same exact blog article and put 80% of it on Medium.com (with a nice “…to read more, visit our blog”) at the bottom.

3. Unlike social media content, having a blog post that you can share (& others can link to) gets people directly on your site, so you can re-target them with ads, and accelerate your SEO.

So where do you start?

Putting a pen in your hand and journaling about your business, your industry, or how you got interested in your specific niche. Take some of your social media content and expand on it. Look at some of your competitors’ content & put your own spin on it (you’re different from them, bring that key differentiator to your content).

From there, you should have a few ideas about topics that would make solid blog posts. List them out.

Before you start writing, give your keyword strategy some thought (if you don’t have one yet, check out Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog on SEO strategy). Just highlight a couple of keywords that should naturally work into the topic. Having a few keywords at the top of your mind will do a few things:

- help write your title, which is huge for SEO (you can even re-use your title for video content if you decide to record any video)

- help you write you write your caption for posts

- help you select a starting point for hashtags

So get writing!

Writing your first post can be tough, but like anything, it gets easier the more you do it. You can also check out tools like Jasper.ai, that use AI to help get you past writer’s block, and can actually do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to writing long-form content.

So now I’ll be turning this exact thing into a couple of reels, at least one carousel, a photo post, and a video for our private e-commerce Facebook group.