Our Story

we're Pursuing freedom and our passions.

Why does anyone start a business? Japanese has the perfect word for it - "ikigai" - the intersection of what you love, what you're good at, and what can make money.

A note from the founder

WEBPRISM started on accident. I'd set out to start businesses in the past, and always spent an inordinate amount of time on the website (one of those businesses was a web app).

My first client came as a referral. As I started to get more referrals, and get asked to take on contract projects, That's where the love for helping businesses take pride in their online appearance was found.

Even our foray into Shopify was unintentional - I got asked to build something custom with Shopify, and without knowing if I could, said yes - and built it.

I initially fought the pull towards Shopify, wanting to be a "purist" web designer - until learning about the potential with headless commerce (completely custom Shopify stores).

Then one day, sitting on the floor with my 1-year old son in my lap, listening in on a 1000+ person Zoom meeting at my job, I decided to quit my job and work with people I like, in the pursuit of helping other businesses take pride in their online presence, and helping them grow.